Kristin and Bruce

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Their Story

Bruce and Kristin met five years ago on New Years Eve. They met while celebrating in the Oregon District in Dayton, Ohio with their mutual friends Ryan and Jodi. Though there was an instant connection and flirtation, this is not where their love story begins. Rather, they spent the next couple years slowly getting to know each other. They often found themselves attending the same get-togethers. At one of these said get-togethers, Kristin saw Bruce toss an empty keg across the yard. That was the moment she realized she was really starting to fall for this boy. Fast forward to St. Patrick's Day 2015 where Bruce and Kristin, again, found themselves together in the Oregon District. After reminiscing about the first time they met, Kristin made the suggestion that they start hanging out. Bruce called her a week later and they have been together ever since.

Bruce and Kristin got to know each other, eventually falling in love, while sharing in their favorite past times: sports, beer, and travel. They’ve been to countless Columbus Blue Jacket and Cincinnati Reds games and have yet to miss an Ohio State tailgate. They have completed the Columbus Ale Trail a few times – seeking out local breweries around town for their weekly date nights. They have also been lucky enough to experience a couple international trips together.

After a little over year of dating, Bruce and Kristin decided to move in together. Six months after that, Bruce proposed on the back patio of their shared German Village apartment. They recently purchased their first home together in Pickerington, Ohio where they currently live with their dog Lucy. Both of them work in Columbus, Ohio - Kristin as a Senior Marketing Analyst at Alliance Data Card Services and Bruce as a Project Manager at Urban Innovations of Columbus.
Jessica Williams